5 Famous Bodybuilders Who Admitted Taking Steroids

You didn’t believe all those bodybuilders with superhuman physics built their muscle without the use of steroids, did you?

Well, as they say ALL bodybuilders take steroids. You are able to build nice sculpture with great looking muscles naturally, but you won’t be able to reach that superhuman level without use of illegal drugs.


Our bodies have their limitations. Muscles size is determined by genetics and hard training but you won’t be able to build muscle mass infinitively.

Of course all of these guys had to build their strong and huge frames before their reached for an illegal aid. And yes, they worked hard for their success. No one will deny they are not hard working bunch.

The problem is, however, those steroid-pumped bodybuilders are role models for a generation of young males who often try steroids trying to achieve the same gains as their heroes.


Good thing is some of the most famous bodybuilders had balls to admit they were using steroids and lived to tell their story. Here are 6 famous bodybuilder who admitted to take steroids.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids
Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most famous case of professional bodybuilder admitting to steroids use

Arnie is the best known bodybuilder ever to admit taking steroids. He admitted taking them before his competition, mainly for the purpose of maintaining muscles during so called cutting phase. He strongly insisted he did not take them for building his muscles. Additionally in late 70’ when Arnie was in his prime, steroids were pretty much legal, widely available and their side effects were not as well documented as they are nowadays.

Many experts, however, suggest that Arnold’s steroids use was nothing compared to modern bodybuilders. Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a hero to many youngsters and his achievements still impress.



Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler used steroids to get to the top of professional bodynuilding

Wheeler was on steroids throughout his career. He had to take steroids simply to stay on the top of bodybuilding circus. 18 years of hard intake (full of pills and injections) Flex Wheeler was done. Even though he was ready to quit steroids he couldn’t – this time for medical reasons. He went through kidney transplant which demanded continues medical steroids usage – this time, however, to keep him rather than his legend alive.

In his biography, Flex Ability, Wheeler admitted he was taking steroids from the age of 18. To be honest, in his case, roids use is somehow justified. He had a very bad childhood, being molested as a kid and becoming father at the age of 15. Perhaps he achieved something in his life partially thanks to roids which let him compete on professional level for years.

Ronnie Coleman

Yes, Big Ron admitted to steroids intake as well, back in 2011

For a long time Ronnie Coleman didn’t want to admit to steroids usage. Clearly, being a policeman required from him staying within the law brackets and steroids are illegal, at least in USA.

There are some videos circulating when he apparently admits to the use but those are mostly garbage videos which were made to make you watch them. Coleman admitted steroids use in Muscular Development magazine, back in 2011.

Coleman is widely regarded as the best bodybuilder in history despite his confession. You have to admire his ability and genetics as he looks big on the photos before he even took on bodybuilding.

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates talks about his roids-taking openly

Bodybuilding legend not only admitted he use roids but is also one of the very few guys who actually openly talk about it. He even wrote about his roids cycling in 2011 for Muscular Development. Famous for his incredible lats Dorian is widely regarded as one of the very top bodybuilders in history. His legendary status has not been damaged through the confession. Many admire his determination, as Yates, unlike other legends, wasn’t gifted with fantastic genetics and pretty much transformed his body through dedication, hard training and… roids.

He famously said “Steroids is better than McDonald’s” which may not bring him new fans but you have to admire his honesty. Nowadays Yates works on his sport supplements business.

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler thinks steroids give him an edge

Last on our list Cutler admitted he takes steroids as addition to his 6-8 high protein meals. Bodybuilding superhero is famous for his hard work.

4 time Mr Olympia is also known for his genetics which place him in the same league with Coleman and Schwarzenegger.


He believed steroids give him so needed edge and let him truly stay on the top of competitive bodybuilding.

  • Brandon

    They used steroids, so what???? You still need to work hard to achieve what they have achieved, they are like Gods. That level is not accessible to others. Still legends in my book.

    • bandit

      Like gods? You can’t be serious…

    • fullname

      They are not like gods. They just have larger muscles. Steroids do that. They are not legends, either.

      • Holly M Colino

        I don’t know what happened to these people….it’s like they have no willpower, because we clearly know what these men are! It’s called – masculinity has been ‘shamed/damaged’, and they have a serious approval problem!

    • Kenji Wright

      Hard work? bitch please! A higher testosterone level makes them even passively grow stronger, additionally to the multiplier in muscle growth.

      Go ruin your life, kiddo.

  • jake

    you guys are both stupid ass motherfuckers

  • Clifford Hughes

    I used to own a gym and sponsor an amateur contest. I also have a degree in biological sciences. The most important thing in bodybuilding is genetics – to succeed you must be blessed with very good genetics. This doesn’t come from nowhere – your genes must be inherited. Without that you have no chance. All the other factors are contributory but incidental. Second is mindset, there can be no success without obsessive determination. Third is drugs – don’t kid yourself. Fourth is hard work. This comes fourth because certain drugs (steroids in particular) can boost your capacity for hard training to double what it would be without. And they promote healing/growth, aggression, concentration and strength.
    I’m not judging anyone (whether or not they decide to take drugs), but I have seen so many young guys who don’t have the best genes or the single-minded appetite for hard training, get deeply involved in drugs as a way of competing. They are on to a loser. Financially, as they buy more and more to try and get results, and health-wise. I know it’s been talked about for decades, but high levels of hormones such as testosterone can have a very detrimental effect. They can severely damage organs such as the liver and kidneys, and they can accelerate the progress of potentially fatal conditions, such as certain tumours. A bit of research will show you the alarming number of high-level bodybuilders who have died in their forties and fifties – way too young. I think the pros today have such extreme physiques that they no longer project the image of health and good looks that they once did. And all of us have a responsibility to impressionable youngsters.

    • Buk lao

      U are talking load of shit I would go back to that university and hand them their degree back, NO ONE scientific PROOF had died from using anabolic steroids people gotten fucked up from them because of abuse and abuse taking testosterone ain’t going to bash ur body down, hence why doctors give it on Prescription, we are just adding more of what is there on the body please don’t give advice as u clearly know shit about diet lifting and steroid use

      • Clifford Hughes

        Thanks for your reply. I didn’t say steroids are poison, merely that the effects they have (including the harmful effects like high blood pressure and thickening of heart muscle) are multiplied by taking excessive amounts, especially when you start young. It’s something well known by doctors – as is the fact that you can’t prove a negative.

        • Alberto Gruning Astacio

          seriously don’t listen to him, he clearly don’t know what hes talking about.

      • Alberto Gruning Astacio

        You sir deserver a medal for being an asshole, you stupid cunt, he crearly mention the overdose of ANABOLIC USE can lead to death, you’re clearly really dumb, overdosing on testore can cause dramatic change to your metabolism, any hormonal exceed on the organism can break your body hormone balance, YOU crearly don’t know a shit, Clifford is right, there are plenty top bodybuilder who died because of anabolic abuse hence Andrea for example, you are so dumb it impress me.

      • Sujit Sharma

        HI I diot

      • Kenji Wright

        Your grammar is that of a toddler, which is in what matter I’ll address you from now on.
        Steroids will kill you. You will only live up to 30 or 50. Your liver, kidney or heart will fail.
        Extra steroids will shorten your life, no matter how much you take.
        Doctors prescribe steroids only to people lacking testosterone.

    • Sujit Sharma

      I differ on the genetics issue. Some guys with ordinary genetics have risen to the top since their bodies responded very well to the drugs.
      Larry scott, samir bannout and yates come to mind.

    • fullname

      Cliff sponsors an “amateur” contest. His advice is also amateur advice. Genetics is a myth. The last thing you will need is “genetics.” People denying steroid use, which they have to do, always say, “well, it’s just good genetics.” It is in no way shape or form anything to do with genetics. We all have the same muscles, just like we have the same arms, legs, and similar heights and weights. Being black, with a little extra test and dihydro test makes NO significant difference. It’s negligible when compared to steroid use. On average, people do NOT respond differently to steroids. Steroids work like any other medication. Every patient requires a similar dosage for a similar effect. Bodybuilders have to live in a state of denial as well as psychological intimidation (made popular by Pumping Iron) and saying things like “well I only use 500mg of test a week and 500 of deca and that’s how I won mr olympia.” No. They are lying. You have to megadose to achieve megaresults and/or to win competitions. Problem is, anytime you “research” things like this, you get a lost of ideas from folks with a low IQ. My advice is to find the man with a higher IQ.

      • Kenneth Spaulding

        LOL, we do not all have the same muscles. Peoples’ orientation over their joints can be different. Couple that with different boney protuberances and we have people that are better at jumping or running or leaping due to different angles over which the muscles work & better mechanical advantage. Also, the make-up of our muscles vary. Some people have more fast twitch fibers while others have more slow twitch ones. This, with training & practice, allows us to be better at some activities & not so hot at others. Scientists have done muscle biopsies from the quads of athletes who specialize in swimming, marathons or sprinting. They have found that the fiber types vary greatly among them & help them to excel in their chosen event. The difference in fiber make up is due to genetic variability, not in training. People tend to gravitate towards activities in which they do well, so we choose sports that we can do well at. Then, once we have “chosen” the sport that we are good at, we train & practice and get even better. That is not to say that a person with a marathoner’s fiber make up couldn’t be a sprinter, but that person would never be as good, with equal training, as someone with more slow twitch fibers.

        Reference: webadmin@www.madsci.org

    • Holly M Colino

      First of all your degrees not credibility, and I have more (8 years) education….and the integrity to not file for that phony degree! Common sense…..nobody but a retard, and that’s a willful fool – would validate anybody’s degree on face value! You are full of crap and respects to inheritance! If a man has a strong enough manhood problem, approval issue, enhancement material (drugs, shakes etc.), and envious character – he too, can become one of those retards in this article

      • Clifford Hughes

        I’m not sure what you said, but I probably agree with you.

        • Sujit Sharma

          haha I didn’t get it either

      • Kenji Wright

        So, why is a biologist not credible again?
        I didn’t know you could study “biology”, I thought it comes paired with human or animal medicine.

  • wombleranger

    All of the elite pro bodybuilders use gear, it’s common knowledge. The human body was never designed to look this way and this sort of muscle growth is impossible without chemical enhancement.

  • jbmazhar

    “infinitively” is where i stopped reading lolll

  • vetnurse

    Go ahead and take them if you disbelieve his professional opinion, just don’t expect him to treat you when the side effects of prolonged abuse kick in…oh wait there is a legal obligation for doctors to treat unless the patient denies consent to treat. Something of which I doubt that you will deny when your kidneys begin to fail. Yes, steroids do have their place in medicine, and I completely understand why people take them in competitive sports, but to deny the risk of taking them is idiotic. EVERY medication comes with a risk, just because it can be prescribed does not mean it cannot cause harm in excess doses or over a prolonged period. Take for example something as simple as meloxicam which is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication – prolonged use can cause significant damage to the kidneys which is why regular blood testing is required if patients are placed on a longer term prescription.

    The problem with illegal steroid use is that you cannot guarantee that what you are given/have purchased is the correct mg dosage. Eg. something sold as 20mg of x substance, actually only has 2mg of x substance and a crapload of other things added, you can’t account for what could happen to your body from the other contaminants, even if you are very scrupulous with knowing the risks/minimising them etc. re. x substance.

    Each individual can have different sensitivities to specific doses, so realistically to do it properly you would have to have a doctor on your side to be able to obtain pharmaceutical grade substances and to ensure your risk of prolonged damage is minimised (regular check ups/blood tests). BUT that doctor would risk losing their license to practice etc. and would hold a lot to lose to do that for a patients competitive success.