How to Gain Muscles Losing Fat at the Same Time?

If you are dedicated enough to follow the plan then you will be able to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

As difficult as it may look, it’s the ultimate solution for all bodybuilders around the world. Grow lean muscles and have no fat to fight with at the end. Many people believe it is impossible to have a win-win situation. This is why most of them are bulking up, and then they go into a reduction cycle (cut) to be ready for competitions or simply for summer – just to look ripped.


bodybuilder who lost fat   while gaining musclesTo gain you need to provide more calories – maintain positive calories intake. In other words you need to provide more than your basic activity can burn. Average GDA is set to 2000 kcal for women and 2500 kcal for men. If you provide just a basic amount, you don’t move with your weight, you maintain what you already have. To gain muscles you need to provide more calories and when you do it, there is a good chance you gain body fat as well. This approach has a huge disadvantage: while bulking up, muscles get big. While on reduction cycle, to get rid of body fat, part of muscles is lost! This system has been used for years by many bodybuilders, with some overall good effects. There are however, new approaches, claiming you can build muscles and reduce fat at the same time! In other words, stay ripped while gaining muscles all year round!

To gain muscles and lose fat you need to keep overloading muscles. Training them hard will force your body to switch to building bigger muscles in response. Don’t forget, that training is only the beginning of the process – without proper nutritions, your muscles simply won’t get bigger, as your body won’t have enough elements to build from. Therefore you need a lot of high quality protein. Due to their properties, whey protein supplements may be more beneficial in building muscles and aiding fat loss than other sources. Of course you need to be careful with fat you provide with food. Please bare in mind that while still required, fat delivers over twice as much calories per gram, as carbohydrates or protein. What is really important in ‘gain muscles-lose fat’ diet, is to have a play with carbohydrates. The approach states that eating vegetables as a source of carbos, for a few days and then switching to grains (whole-grains and pasta) and potatoes and so on, really does the trick!


Although looking almost too good to be true, with a bit of effort it may be worth trying. All of us want to look great all the time, without getting too much fat around waist. It can give this ripped look while still gaining muscles.

  • Andy

    I don’t think it is even possible. First thing you should do is to reduce the fat level in your body. Once you reduce fat percentage to about 10% you can start bulking up. Then again – you go to the level of, let’s say 12% bulking up in process. Once you satisfied with muscles size you cut fat again. And so on until you’re happy with muscles size. Then you can go into maintenance mode.