Cookies Policy

Use of Cookies on Our Website

Just like almost every website on the world we use variety of cookies to improve the user experience on our website. Cookies help us to determine what is the best way to present information to our dear users. It helps us optimize navigation system so you get the information you need quickly without unnecessary steps. We do not store any information which could breach your privacy. However new EU law requires us to share the information about what information we do collect.
What types of cookies do we use?


1. We use Google Analytics software to analyze how users browse our website, how long do they stay on our website and where do they come from. It helps us to improve website’s structure. All data collected with Google Analytics is anonymous which means we don’t know who you are and do not have any of your personal details. So web analytic cookies on our website using JavaScript served from Google. You may read more about cookies use by Google here
What if I don’t want cookies on my system?


If you don’t want any cookies on your browser you may simply set the browser the way it will not store them. You may also remove all cookies currently stored on your system. If you need guidance or more help visit this link. Under this link you will find all information about the types of cookies.