Allsports Protein Shake Powder

Budget Beating Bulk Pack
Muscle Building spectrum of proteins

Allsports is mostly known of delivering supplements to trade in bulk. However recently, after massive response from users, it has changed. They now offer Protein Shake direct to users. This product is a blend of various proteins from dairy caseinates and whey protein. It has also an addition of both simple and complex carbohydrates to give more energy. Caseinates are slowly digested and steadily released in time type of proteins. In oppose to caseinates, there are whey proteins. They are absorbed quickly, therefore they shall be used when there’s urgent need of delivering proteins. Both types when combined give a basic spectrum of slow and fast proteins, covering muscles needs over certain period of time. Each serving offers 15 grams of high quality proteins. This product is gluten free.

How to take Allsports Protein Shake Powder?


Serving size: 50g. Take two to three times daily, between meals and after training.