Supplements Battle: Dymatize Elite Whey vs. Mutant Whey

Dymatize Elite vs. Mutant Whey

These supplements don’t need any introduction. We have analysed them already and both are worth your attention. The question is – which one is better? Today they go head to head in our quick comparison post. We compare critical aspects such as protein, fat and carbohydrate content, but also focus on compering the prices, mixability and few other factors determining quality of supplement.

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Nutritional Profiles Compared

  Dymatize Elite Mutant Whey
Calories 362kcal per 100g 389kcal per 100g
Protein 71% 61%
Carbohydrates 8.1% 16.7%
Of which sugars 3.2% 5.6%
Fat 4.9% 8.3%
Of which saturates 0% 0.6%

Both supplements are blends of different whey proteins. Elite uses popular formula – it’s a blend of whey concentrate, isolate and peptides. Mutant is a blend of whey protein concentrates, isolate and hydrolysed whey with addition of nitroserum – a special type of membrane filtered whey concentrate.

PVL mutant whey
Mutant has inferior protein content

On paper Elite beats Mutant whey with its high protein content and low carbohydrates level. It has lower fat content and generally have to be consider purer whey supplement than Mutant.


Mutant’s relatively low protein level doesn’t withstand comparison not only with Elite but probably with any pure whey supplement on the market. Yet its unique five stage protein blend formula ensures it is a quality product bringing real-life effects.

Quick Price Comparison

Store Dymatize Elite Mutant Whey £44.75 per 2.27kg container £35.95 per 2.27kg container £43.99 per 2.27kg container  £37.95 per 2.27kg container  £41.75 per 2.27kg container  £35.95 per 2.27kg container

There is a difference in price between two supplements with Mutant Whey being usually few GBP cheaper (compering container of the same size). Due to the popularity of both supplements however you can always find one of those product being on sale or coming with attractive promotional discount.

Choosing Mutant over Elite will save you some money but the price should not stop you from picking up the product which will get you closer towards your goals.


Flavours & Taste

Because taste and texture are always a matter of individual preferences we try not to swing towards any of two supplements while making the judgement.


dymatize elite whey
Elite Whey mixes easier

Elite comes with a whopping 9 different flavours. Mutant is not far behind with 6 unique tastes. Plenty to choose from. Most importantly both have the most popular chocolate and vanilla versions (Elite misses the strawberry one).

Mutant seem to be much sweeter than Elite whey – with someone users complaining it is too sweet when you use more than 2 scoops of supplement at once. Elite seems to be more balanced.


When mixed with water Mutant doesn’t seem to be thick enough. This improves dramatically when you mix it with milk. Texture become milkshake-like. Elite doesn’t seem to be much different – though its texture seem to be thicker when mixed with water (more enjoyable).


Dymatize Elite whey, despite not being the best supplement in terms of mixability mixes easier and quicker than Mutant. Mutant requires more time in order to get right – it may be annoying if you want to use it straight after the gym session.


When choosing between Elite and Mutant you need know what your goals are and then make a decision.


Both are of good quality but if you look for a pure whey – Elite is a supplement for you. If you look for more general high protein supplement PVL’s product should be somewhere near the top of your shopping list.

Value for money


Mutant beats Dymatize all day long in value for money category. While Dymatize Elite is affordable PVL’s supplement is one of the best deals you can get on British market. There are obviously many cheaper supplements than PVL’s Mutant but rarely can you enjoy such a quality for relatively low price.

  • Darren

    My vote goes to Elite Whey. It has all I want from whey supplement – it mixes well, tastes well and has enough protein. I think you’ve made mistake – Elite comes in strawberry flavour.