Sci-Mentor Premium Whey



Sci-Mentor Premium Whey
Sci-Mentor Premium Whey is a blend of whey proteins

Premium Whey from Sci-Mentor is a relatively-straight-forward approach to increased protein intake and muscular accretion. Sci-Mentor’s choice of high quality protein is validated by numerous, consistent research findings that establish whey as highly efficacious. Peer reviewed studies confirm that whey products, such as Premium Whey, provide advantages to overall health, improvements in athletic potential and a variety of beneficial metabolic changes.

Premium Whey and Holistic Health

Muscular growth is often touted as the primary driving force behind whey’s success. It is unfortunate that few recognize the multitude of disease states that whey affects.

Consistent whey consumption is known to:
-Improve cardiovascular health by lowering inflammatory markers, blood lipid profiles and insulin sensitivity.
-Aid in the growth and maintenance of bone. This effect is made possible through whey’s effects on muscular growth and the additional occurrence of bone-growing hormones.
-Increase the effectiveness and response time of the immune system by providing a source of immunoglobin.
-Enhance body composition by increasing fat oxidation and bolstering muscle mass.


Muscular Growth Potential

Although some weightlifters and athletes routinely experience performance plateaus related to genetics, much of the athletic community is hampered by limited access to proper nutrition. The whey protein in Sci-Mentor’s product addresses this limitation through several factors. MToR activation, increased insulin sensitivity and anabolically-beneficial insulin spikes are the primary motivators behind whey’s athletic success.

The mammalian target of rapamycin, or what is commonly referred to as MToR, is a potent metabolic pathway that sees little activation in modern diets. MToR is driven by the presence of leucine in the intercellular junctions and plasma. This hormonal cascade drastically elevates protein synthesis for up to three hours following consumption.

Whey is also highly regarded for its effects on insulin sensitivity. Muscles that are highly insulin sensitive are a primary factor in the growth of muscle tissue. Whey’s effects on insulin sensitivity also combine synergistically with other similar increases. This collaborative potential allows for a considerable net benefit in lean tissue growth.


Lastly, whey delivers an anabolic dosage of insulin upon consumption. Whey’s highly-bioavailable nature results in dose-response times within the range of 15-20 minutes. The resultant insulin spike prompts a rapid shuttling of nutrients into insulin sensitive muscle tissues, which favors growth.

Direction for use


Being instantised – Sci-mentor Whey mixes very quickly. Mix one scoop of supplement (about 30g) with 200-25- ml of water (or milk for improve taste and thickness)

Nutritional profile

  • Protein 75%
  • Carbohydrate 14%
  • of which sugars 8%
  • Fat 4%
  • of which saturates 2.5%
  • Sodium 413 mg
  • Fibre 413 mg